Welcome to this www.west4photography.com website. www.west4photography.com is a website which is operated by Schweboo & Co of 26 Bolton Road Chiswick London W4 3TB ( herein after referred to as "Schweboo").

In purchasing goods or services from the Schweboo website  Your agreement is with Schweboo. All of the Content featured or displayed on the Website is owned by Schweboo its related bodies corporate or content providers.

Following are the terms that govern Your use of the Website and any material available from it. Please read these terms before You continue to use the Website or purchase or download any Digital Image or Software. Your continued use of the Website will make the terms into a binding contract between You and Schweboo regarding such use.



  • Definitions

  • Limitation of Liability

  • Copyright

  • Complaints

  • What to do if You are unsure of Your rights

1 Definitions

In these terms and conditions:

'Schweboo' means 'Schweboo & Co' operating as Schweboo.

'You' means a party who uses the Website or who downloads any Digital Image. If You use the Website or download a Digital Image on behalf of Your employer this definition will include Your employer. You will ensure that any person supplied any Digital Image at Your request will comply with these terms and will be personally liable to Schweboo if such person fails to do so as if such failure were a failure by You.

'Content' means all of the content featured or displayed on the Website including but not limited to Digital Images Software and all other text graphics

'Digital Image(s)' means both Low Resolution Digital Imagery and High Resolution Digital Imagery available for download on the Website.

'High Resolution Digital Imagery' means high-resolution images and/or film clips available for downloading on the Website.

'Invoice' means an invoice sent to You in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

'Low Resolution Digital Imagery' means low resolution images and film clips available for downloading from the Website.

'Software' means any software program or code provided by Schweboo in order to support the use of Digital Images which are obtained by You from the Website.

'Reproduction' means any form of colour or black and white copying publication distribution or other communication to the public of the whole or part of any Digital Image whether by printing photography slide projection (whether or not to an audience) xerography

'Website' means the whole or any part of the web site pages located at http://www.Schweboo.com (including the layout of the Website graphic design elements of the web site pages underlying code elements and any text graphics sounds animated elements or other content of the Website).

2 Limitations of liability

You may have certain rights and remedies available to You in relation to the provision by Schweboo of goods and services on the Website ("Basic Rights"). Except as provided by the Basic Rights:

all other conditions and warranties either express or implied by custom law or statute are excluded;

the Software and Digital Images we provide and all Content on the Website is provided without any warranties of any kind either express or implied other than as we expressly state (for example we expressly promise that we are entitled to license the Digital Images and Software on the Website);

Schweboo does not warrant that Your access to the Website or the functions contained on the Website will be uninterrupted or error free that any defects will be corrected or that the Website or the server which stores and submits Content to You via the Website are free of viruses malicious computer code transmitted on or through the Website or other harmful components;

Schweboo expressly disclaims the accuracy of all descriptions and specifications of any products displayed or viewed through the Website;

Schweboo expressly disclaims the currency accuracy or completeness of any Content or any information provided by third parties on or through the Website.

Use of the Website is at Your own risk. Subject to these terms  You assume full responsibility and risk of loss resulting from Your downloading use of or access to data files information

3 Copyright

The Digital Images Software and other Content we provide on the Website is all subject to copyright - in the United Kingdom and elsewhere - belonging to us and to other people. Your use of the Digital Images Software or other Content we provide or accessible through the Website does not grant You any ownership rights in these items. Except as permitted by law  You may not de-compile reverse engineer disassemble or otherwise reduce to human-readable form any software contained on the Website. Prior to purchase or download of any Digital Image from the Website You should read and understand the Digital Image License Terms and Conditions.

4 Whose Rules

This contract between us will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of United Kingdom.

5 Complaints

Schweboo aims to resolve any grievance You may have before it gets to the stage of a complaint or dispute. Our intention is to keep You happy through great service and by providing timely resolution of complaints should the occasion ever arise. To that end Schweboo has fair policies in place.

You should retain all order Invoice and receipt documentation from any purchase in order to explain authenticate and expedite any claim you might have.

If You have a complaint about our products or services or are seeking a refund please send an email to chris.frost@Schweboo.com describing the circumstances of Your grievance. We will revert to You as soon as we can after investigating Your complaint or refund/return request but at least within 5 business days from the date we receive Your email.

6 Additional Rights Available

If You are unsure of Your usage rights under this agreement contact us by email t enquiries@Schweboo.com or by phone at +44 (20) 7710175898 (international).

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