Promoting religious tolerance in Baghdad (2018)

Updated: Mar 23

The Baghdad conference was part of a series of events under the banner "Windsor Dialogue". Religious scholars from different religions came to meet and discuss what can be done to increase religious tolerance. Sunni, Shi'a, Christian, Yazidi and the Church of the Latter Day Saints were all represented.

The conference was held in the Babylon Hotel on the banks of the Tigris River in the heart of downtown Baghdad. On January 25, 2010 the Babylon Hotel was the site of a car bomb attack.The hotel joined the Warwick Hotels and Resorts chain in October 2014 as the Babylon Warwick Hotel. On May 29, 2015, it was hit by another deadly car bomb attack.

The past car bomb attacks had triggered improvements in security, so my stay was uneventful. My room overlooked the Tigris and gave me a great view of the American Embassy on the other side of the Tigris.

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