Chris Frost


Capturing images of people, wildlife and places has been in joy in my life for many years.

My travels have taken me across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Americas and the Far East. Wherever I go, my camera comes  too.

I also travel with a pen and notebook.

Divine Highways, available from Amazon, is an account of one of my journeys. This one took me across Pakistan and China in 1987. Along the way, I encountered priests, pagans, evangelists, mullahs, mujahedeen fighters, Islamic extremists and lamas. With tales of sickness, earthquakes, car crashes, encounters with big cats, and a bloody riot in Tibet, the reader is taken on on a wild ride across Asia at a time when the world was on the cusp of change. The Russians were still fighting in Afghanistan; China's economic boom had barely started and the Internet was in its infancy.

COVID-19 has stymied my plans in 2020 to return to Iraq and Somaliland. I am hoping the 2021 will be a better year for travel...

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